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We have always been pioneers of continuous technological transformations.

In 1993 Andrea Amoroso put his technical and marketing experience in electronics and telecommunications to good use by becoming a freelance consultant and starting to write articles for sector publications.

A success! The excellent results obtained and the growing number of Customers prompted him in a short time to select other professionals to extend his skills and services.

Thus “Teleconsulting” was born: the streamlined and dynamic network of consultants specialized in electronics and telecommunications. Our most important milestones…

The collaboration with OKI extends to their popular printing solutions, VoIP equipment and TV sets with a wide range of services, including the management of the Italian website and extranet via CMS, management of marketing documentation and the electronic PA market, in addition to of key accounts for Italy for the “electronic purse” sector.




1996 - 1997

OKI's Japanese headquarters appoints us Italian key accounts for their "electronic purse", an innovative electronic payment method. We have dealt directly with major companies, including Bull, SSB (Company for Banking Services), Veron (Olivetti group) and Shell.

Eurocolumbus, leader in digital C-arm X-ray radiological systems, gives us the task of dealing with the creation of technical documentation and subsequently to support the delicate CE ISO certification of products.





CTE International (well known for the Midland brand) started to use our services in supporting VHF/UHF radio transceivers (PMR, Marine and Ham markets) and for other consumer products. Same did Allgon, one of the most famous European brands for antennas.

Sendo, a new mobile phone manufacturer born out of former Motorola executives, instructs us to present at their launch event Sendo X, one of the first Symbian smartphones, for which we also supported end users in two countries via a ticketing platform. We also took care of the proofreading of the documentation of many products with checks on samples.

2000 - 2005




NEC Italia announces e606, the first 3G (UMTS) terminal in Italy well ahead of the competition. A critical mission that has forced us to update quickly and to tighten deadlines. Nevertheless, we carried out the proofreading of the user manual on time with practical feedback on a pre-series sample.

Following many years of passionate collaboration with renowned magazines, Andrea Amoroso was granted the journalist's card by the Journalists' Italian Association. He then began to draw up technological publication articles for large-circulation magazines such as Vela & Motore (sailing & motor boats), Motociclismo (motorcycles) and Armi e Tiro (guns & shooting).





Autostrade per l'Italia (the Italian highway company) selects us as suppliers for the creation of the user manual of Telepass TR, the prepaid toll payment system in the test area in southern Italy. It was an all-out job: from the field tests to the toll booths, to the drafting of information and Desk Top Publishing up to the choice of printing paper. The satisfied customer allowed us to put our brand on the back cover.

Collaboration with Samsung Electronics begins. The well-known giant in the sector involves us in many activities in cellular telephony, apps for Android smartphones, professional VoIP telephony and in supporting tenders for hi-tech supplies.




2010 - 2012

The years 2010-2012 see us alongside proponents in the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television, giving support to companies that produce transmitters, regenerative repeaters and other RF broadcast DVB-T devices.

Vestel, one of the world's largest manufacturers of household appliances with its own brands and OEMs, involved us for the modular remaking of all the manuals of the products in the white sector: refrigerators, washing machines/dryers, freezers and hobs and subsequently for the proofreading of the website of visual solutions.

2017 - 2018




Preparations are underway for the next new television transition to the new DVB-T2 / HEVC standard. Here we are again at the forefront of collaborating with prominent companies in the broadcast sector.

Sielco, a dynamic company that produces FM broadcast devices and already a satisfied customer of Teleconsulting for many years, releases two innovative families of FM transmitters on the market: PolyHedra and PolyEco, asking us for support for the creation of its technical manuals from scratch and to enhance their quality.




2021 - 2022

We have launched many innovative new services, including the creation of remote written and video Case Studies. Yes: we are able to make them remotely using IT tools and video calls. All at very competitive prices. For details, see the home page of our site.


The main objective of Teleconsulting is the highest level of precision (not just the uniformity of the work) which certainly cannot be demonstrated by a simple certificate. Here is what we can instead prove:

  • We cross-check every aspect of our communications: grammatical correctness, ease of understanding and as few foreign/technical terms as possible… with that extra touch that makes them pleasant to read
  • The high standard of our documents (including those on ISO CE product certification) has overcome brilliantly even the rigorous selection of the most demanding companies in the sector
  • Our works are often used as an internal reference point in companies

We can provide a large portfolio of key people who are happy to partner with us.  See client comments.


  • We have adopted reasonable criteria to ensure safety while maintaining the fluidity of work
  • Each file is checked with the most effective tools that guarantee its integrity and is archived for future use
  • Reference companies have always trusted us by sending us confidential information that we jealously guard until it becomes public. NDA contracts? No problem!
  • The personal data of our customers is protected and processed by scrupulously observing the applicable privacy laws


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