Our multiple services range from technical support to marketing through communication. We only deal with electronics and telecommunications to guarantee you the best quality.

We manage products, related services and aftermarket with a very competitive price/quality ratio. For more details contact us.

Copywriting and documentation

Our immediacy, effectiveness and comprehensibility, the result of decades of experience, give an edge to your marketing communications.

We can also create and manage your documentation with great productivity benefits: you can concentrate better on your primary work. We combine linguistic skills with in-depth knowledge of the sector.


We create, write and review marketing content in any format strictly respecting your brand and corporate identity: marketing campaigns for your website and social media, newsletters, articles and press releases, brochures, electronic or paper mailings, case studies… and much more!

A premium service with high added value!

Technical & Marketing Documentation

We create your content from scratch. Even when your product/service is still under development!

We also proofread and localize your content flawlessly.


We create content only from a simple sample and from the basic information, even when you are still in the development phase, and then elaborate the following ones by integrating them into the work.

Not only that: we report any software or hardware discrepancies.


We carefully check your documentation. We also verify compliance with a specific software/hardware revision (e.g. the latest or an OEM).

We can also send you feedback on the most recurring fixes to optimize your workflows.


We localize your paper or electronic contents with the competence and… the great “fussiness” that distinguishes us. We can also offer you modifications to tailor the content to a specific market.

We normally operate from English to Italian and vice versa, but we can also offer other languages upon request. For special needs please contact us.


…to which we also add our “accompaniment” to give you maximum visibility. Some examples:

  • Marketing Area – Web pages, social media, tutorials, case studies, leaflets, brochures, newsletters and bulletins, presentations, articles and press releases, personalized price lists, documents for offers and tenders, electronic or paper mailings, packaging, etc.
  • Technical area – User, service, programming and installation manuals, quick guides, datasheets, bulletins, test reports, CE ISO markings, etc.


Here are some typical technical services that we carry out daily:

  • Field test on prototypes or pre-series samples with reports for the improvements to be made (mobile phones, cordless phones, multifunction printers, TV sets, etc.)
  • Localization and optimization of software and MMI (information / error strings on the display, on the screen, on the apps, etc.) with reporting / correction of any inconsistencies
  • Technical support to end customers through ticketing platforms
  • Management of PCs and small ICT networks (LAN / WLAN, mobile networks, PMR radios, telephony, etc.) with remote assistance
  • Technical expertise
  • Research of the key features of your products / services and of the appeal and synergies for their promotion
  • Competition analysis


  • We train the sales force, service centers, installers and even end users with our trainings making even the most complicated concepts easy to understand. We compare your products / services with the competition, describe how to install them, how to carry out service operations, internal procedures, etc.
  • One of our dedicated speakers is always ready to present the products / services to your audience during launch and promotion events, even with effective practical demos.
  • We enhance the efficiency of your staff with training on the advanced use of the most commonly used IT tools, tailored to your specific needs.


You don’t have an office in Italy and don’t want to face the costs of opening one? Our office, located in a prestigious area of ​​central Milan, can take care of your key clients and specializes in business development.

If you have to supply a customer in OEM, our long experience in these projects will be useful to face them in the best way by providing the required customization.


  • Some members of our network are freelance technical journalists. Therefore they know very well how to present your product / service to the specialized press and manage it.
  • We can write press releases, editorial or field tests, thrilling enthusiasts and experts with the true strengths of your offer.
  • Creation and management of content for social networks, which we can create according to your goals.

Website management

We go far beyond creating your own Web contents. We directly update your website via your CMS platform. We master many o them, even the sophisticated SDL Tridion.

Several companies have commissioned us to manage confidential technical and commercial information on their Extranet that we create and update promptly based on the moment (launch events, promotions, etc.) and to the customer (dealer, distributor, service center, etc.).